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gay asian 

2007年09月27日 ()
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gay asian
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誰か翻訳してーFirst of all - this is not a debate forum. You write what you think about the magazine and not why other reviewers are so close minded and sensitive. But since you started...Two wrongs dont make a right. And Im not sure why you are talking about other potentially racist pieces and comparing those situations to this one. Details has acknowledged that it crossed a line, and will publish a full page apology in their next issue regarding the Gay or Asian piece. I dont care if Irishmen did a freakin rain dance in response to A Modest Proposal. If they felt discriminated against, then they should have protested. Many people in the Asian community and the Gay/Lesbian community stepped it up - wrote letters, formed a protest, and details responded. Im not even asian, and I have to say, good for them.Im not saying Details does not have a right to publish such an article (if one could call it that). But people have a right to get angry and speak their minds in response. Who are you to call them oversensitive or too politically correct. For heavens sake, if you like the magazine good for you. Write why you like it and not why people should stop getting themselves concerned about a piece you, i guess in your kingly role of getting to decide what counts as racist and what does not, deemed simply humorous.(続きを読む)

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