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2007年10月12日 ()
ロック名盤シリーズ Something Else
Something Else by the KinksThe Kinks (2004/04/26)(続きを読む)

Something ELse
(続きを読む) Sid Vicious「Something Else」 ちょっと品がない映像ですが、とてもPUNKな感じです。(続きを読む) Something ELse - Last Chance ラストチャンスサムシングエルス音楽の祭典'99放送日時不明 古いVTRからキャプチャー.(続き(続きを読む) ...(続きを読む)

Something ELse
(続きを読む) Keith Richards & The X-Pensive Winos Something Else '93 競馬予想業界をぶっ潰せ!!■【今すぐ売れる商材プレゼント】非常識に儲けるネット長者達の稼ぎ方.光の糸 / Something ELse.■Something ELse(続きを読む) ...(続きを読む)

これを訳してください。長くなりますがおねがいします。hi sweetie!!! well the reason why i didn't tell you what i wanted on the phone was if i did and the people that where in their heard what i was saying they would have tryed to get in our business and i do not want anyone else in my life thats more stress for me to deal with.i can see how i do talk different to other people. i want to talk to you like i did when we were getting to know each other. i'll always act a fool when i'm with you espically when we go shopping or out to eat. i know right now its not easy to do. i know that this deployment is really hurting our marriage puttting unwanted stress in our relationship which was not that great ever since we came to the states. i feel the love you have for me and the willing ness to work at it and for it not to fail. i hope u feel the same in me either though my emotion are harder to see except my anger. i don't blame you for anything that has happened.i need to depend on you more than trying to do everything on my own. that has put a hurting on mybody as well my emotions. i need your support to stay focused to stay in shape get you in shape and finish school. i need you to understand that it's not that i don't want to talk to you i work a lot more than ever then i go to the gym to help keep me balanced with the stress i deal with from work at times.when i do talk its all seems to turn into a fight or something i need to do. please stop that cause right now i'm the only one who's lonely. you have Evie, you family, and friends who you can depend on who have so knowledge of who i am and our relationship. i could bearly talk to my own family let alone try to talk to you everychance. so if we don't talk that much be patienet you'll hear from me. i think about you everyday more then i think about Evie. when i feel down tired, sad or depressed i stare at Evie's name for the support i need knowing i have 2 beautiful females to come home to who will take my pain away with a simple hug or kiss. I LOVE AND MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!(続きを読む)


解散した日本のバンドで復活して欲しいバンドといえば何ですか?僕はSomething ELseに復活して欲しいです。(続きを読む)

ブログでは、「大切なご報告☆」と題して、「昨年7月に結婚してから1年が経ちました。そんな中、わが家に新しい命を授かりました。現在妊娠5カ月に入っております」と第1子懐妊の喜びをつづっている。松本は昨年7月に元Something ELseの今井 ...(続きを読む)

昨年7月に元Something ELseの今井千尋(33)と結婚した歌手(28)。10日に自身のブログで妊娠5カ月を報告。「昨年7月に結婚してから1年が経ちました。そんな中、わが家に新しい命を授かりました。現在妊娠5カ月に入っております」などと第1子 ...(続きを読む)

昨年7月に元Something ELseの今井千尋(33)と結婚。現在5カ月であることを自分の公式ブログで発表し「結婚してから1年がたちました。そんな中、わが家に新しい命を授かりました。3日後には久しぶりのライブもありますし、2人分のパワーで歌います ...(続きを読む)

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